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Welcome to Catalyst RTW

Since 2003, Catalyst RTW® has been the nation’s premier return to work company… uniquely able to resolve the most challenging high dollar Workers Compensation and Long Term Disability cases. We incorporate proactive case management with genuine opportunities to assist injured and disabled workers to enter AND stay in a new career with growth potential.

In the vocational services world, companies are often perceived as being on the side of the employer or the disabled worker. Catalyst’s distinction is in finding genuine solutions to help disabled workers overcome the emotional as well as the physical barriers that prevent return to work efforts from succeeding. By achieving a genuine return to work solution, we provide cost-effective solutions to our customers!

We have successfully assisted injured workers return to gainful employment in more than 30 states! We have been acknowledged as saving our customers millions of dollars by resolving challenging cases!

Additionally, Catalyst RTW® offers a comprehensive suite of vocational services—Labor Market Surveys, MSA set-asides, Job Development to assist our customers in all of their needs. Everything we do is marked by a professional, proactive and ethical approach and a commitment to be a value added service.

Can we help your case?

When Workers’ Compensation cases are unresolved for more than 6 months, the likelihood increases that the individual will NEVER return to work. Thus, every day a case is unresolved costs money exponentially (it costs that day and adds to the projected length of total lost time).

The cost/benefit analyzer is intended to serve as a guide to determine whether a case merits a referral to Catalyst RTW®.


Catalyst Announces New Pilot

Catalyst RTW is pleased to announce a new pilot with Employers Holdings Inc. of Maitland, FL.  The pilot, which is scheduled to run through the end of the year, will focus on CA files.  Upon completion of the pilot, Employers anticipates expanding their use of Catalyst’s home-based return to work program to many of the 32 states in which they currently provide workers’ compensation coverage.  Catalyst appreciates the opportunity to partner with Employers and demonstrate the effectiveness of our program.

Customer Comment from Wymard & Dunn

“Our law firm has been using Catalyst RTW® to perform Earnings Power Assessments in divorce proceedings. We have been extremely impressed with their professional & diligent approach. They’re always willing to go the extra mile. Their reports and testimony are excellent & have produced outstanding results.”

– Joseph M. Wymard, Esq. Wymard & Dunn