“Your company should be proud of the help and hope you give to disabled persons.”

We are, but even prouder of Ms. Walden for her commitment & efforts to take advantage of the opportunity to return to work. She recently wrote us a gracious letter of appreciation.

Disabled since 1993, Ms. Walden’s illness kept her up much of the night and she slept during the day. After a review of her skills and interests her new employer, All-Facilities, Inc. tried her on an internet research job which could be done Midnight to Morning. She writes: “ Your company, Mr. David Hassick at CIGNA, and Ms. JoAnn Krista at All Facilities have all been very patient, and never gave up on finding a position for me that I enjoy and can perform well, even with the restrictions of my disability.”

Ms. Walden did so well at the opportunity that the wage subsidy provided by CIGNA, her LTD insurer, was able to be discontinued 100 hours before the anticipated minimum time. She continues to be a valued employee and “working again has greatly improved my self-confidence and made me feel useful again.”

We are honored and pleased to have played a part in helping her achieve the myriad benefits of working. Ms. Walden’s efforts and accomplishments will inspire others to succeed.