File Analyzer

Workers’ Compensation Case Study & Analysis

When Workers’ Compensation cases are unresolved for more than 6 months the likelihood increases that the individual will NEVER return to work. Thus, every day a case is unresolved costs money exponentially (it costs that day and adds to the projected length of total lost time.)

The following cost-benefit analyzer is intended to serve as a guide to determine whether a case merits a referral to Catalyst RTW®.

If a case scores 20-30 points it is worth considering for referral. If it scores more than 30 points, it should definitely be referred. Catalyst RTW® can obtain a bona fide job offer for the most challenging cases and provide the case management for an individual to take advantage of the opportunity. Our costs are a fraction of the money saved.

Lost Time To DatePoints
Less than 2 months
2 mos. to 6 mos.
6 mos. to 1 yr.
1 yr. to 2 yrs.
2 years +
Your Score
Less than $25K
$25K to $60K
$60K to$100K
$100K to$250K
Your Score
Average Weekly Wage
Your Score
TW Attempts
Your Score
College Degree
Associates Degree/Technical School
High School Diploma (GED)
Some High School
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