Catalyst RTW is pleased and proud to announce a strategic alliance with the Solomon Group, LLC as a primary employer offering opportunity, training and support to assist injured and disabled workers to obtain sustainable gainful employment.

The Solomon Group is a Chicago, IL based management consulting and market research firm founded by Robert Johnson, Esq. Mr Johnson has been an attorney in private practice and was a senior executive for the McDonalds’ Corporation overseeing their integrated disability area. He has been recognized as a national leader in minority opportunity, executive branding, and enlightened management practices. In addition to his career accomplishments, he has been active in local and national non-profits working for community betterment.

The Solomon Group provides management leadership and development programs to senior executives in the restaurant and other service businesses. Solomon also has a market research component which Catalyst-referred individuals will work for doing survey, information gathering, outcomes and other research projects.

We are excited about working with this stellar employer!